Best lock for Self-Service ordering machine

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Self-service ordering machines are customer-facing devices that allow customers to place orders and make payments without the assistance of a cashier. For customers, it reduces wait times, and for restaurant owners, it improves order accuracy.

With the widespread use of self-service ordering machines, the choice of self-ordering machine locks must be careful. Because this determines whether the equipment can run stably in the restaurant for a long time.

cam lock 
Xiamen MAKE Security Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional lock manufacturer . Based on our evaluations, we'll introduce you to the most commonly used locks for self-service ordering machine , and hopefully provide a useful guide to lock selection.
Ordinary cam lock: This is a very widely used lock. Its security degree mainly depends on the material and structure. According to the structure, it can be divided into disc lock, dimple lock, tubular lock and so on.
With the upgrade of safety requirements, MAKE Lock Factory has produced double-sided marble locks, “disc in disc” locks and other more complex and safer cam locks, which can fully meet your needs in any scenario.
Push lock 
Push lock:A horizontal locking lock with the main advantages of occupying less space and being easy to open.The safety depends on the lock cylinder it uses.
The push locks we provide are made of zinc alloy material, the lock cylinder structure is safe, and the key combination can reach more than 10,000, which can effectively prevent lock damage and technical opening.

Wireless Smart Lock 
Intelligent electronic cam lock :It looks the same as a normal cam lock. but reverse power supply with electronic key!
Because it can also help realize functions such as data recording and tracking, management level and usage time setting, and online monitoring of usage information, it can meet the informatization and intelligence needs of self-service ordering machines.
The above is the introduction of the commonly used locks for self-service ordering machines! No matter which type of locks you choose, we believe that Make will bring you different surprises! For details, please consult our official website~